Salida U18 wins spar against Buena Vista at Marvin Park

Pitcher Jonah Ellis goes into his stretch, while Brandon Parsell covers first, as the Salida U18 team faces off against Buena Vista at home Tuesday. Salida won 8-5. Ellis put up 120 pitches and had five strike outs.

A late game rally wasn’t enough to lift the Buena Vista U18 team over the Salida U18’s lead, with Salida taking home the win, 8-5 Tuesday at Marvin Park.

“It’s a beautiful night to play,” coach Lee Lewis said at the beginning of the game. “We don’t usually get this many people coming out, even during spring baseball. The people are hungry to watch sports.”

Both teams got off to a slow start. Salida scored first in the bottom of the second, then two more at the bottom of the third, going into the fourth inning 3-0.

Salida scored again, with a double that lead to a stolen third base, then an RBI off a single.

Buena Vista scored their first in the top of the sixth, stealing home off a wild pitch by Salida, for a score of 4-1.

Salida got hot, scoring four more in the bottom of the sixth, while BV struggled on the mound.

Buena Vista rallied in the top of the seventh, scoring three off a triple, then one more, to put the score at 8-5, before Salida finally put them away to end the game.

“Tonight was a lot of fun,” Nico Granzella said. “It was hard, missing our senior year of baseball, and we’ve still got some things to work on, but it has been great coming out here working with the younger kids. The field looks great, with all the work Coach Lewis put in. Tonight was really good.”

“For me, tonight was a dream come true,” Lewis said. “We’ve been working on this field for 11 months, and it was great to get out here tonight and use it. It was also great to see all of the support. I was a little worried. Last summer we didn’t get a lot of kids coming out, but I think everyone is excited to be back, playing and watching. Tonight was a good win for the kids, and I’m excited for the rest of the season.”

Salida faces off against Buena Vista again Thursday at Marvin Park.