Garrett Lundberg turned in a top time of 10 minutes, 3 seconds in this year’s Tenderfoot Hill Climb.

The top female contender, Kelsey Temple turned in a time of 19:30.

The run was held Thursday as part of FIBArk events, and had a total of 36 runners, compared to last year’s 195 competitors.

The run was carried out differently than in past years, with individuals and family groups starting their climbs at three minute intervals, due to COVID-19 precautions.

In past races all competitors race up the mountain at the same time, the winner being the one who can get up to the top and back down to the bottom first.

Tessa Lance, who came in second for the women and 16th overall, said it was hard for her to stay motivated running by herself.

“It’s way more fun with more competitors,” she said. 

Several return runners were up for the challenge including the McGovern family of Michael and his children, Aaliyah, 14, Ashton, 10, Koa, 9, and Kian 6. All of the McGovern kids have been participating in the hill climb since they were  babies. 

The setting of the race in August rather than as usual in June suited young Neil McClelland, who got to make the climb on his 10th birthday before heading to baseball practice. 

Mike “Diesel” Post, recreation director for the City of Salida, said  planning the race was hard with the constantly shifting COVID-19 environment.

He said they had three parallel plans on how to execute the race based on three levels of precautions.

“It was hard to know where we were going to be in the planning stages,” he said.

Post said he was very pleased with how things were running Thursday.

“There is an appropriate amount of people doing the right things,” he said.