Kenny Wilcox wins Run Through Time half marathon

Gary Ostwald, 75, competes in the Run Through Time’s half marathon Saturday. Ostwald was one of 334 runners who competed this year.


Kenny Wilcox won the 16th annual Run Through Time’s half marathon Saturday, leading a strong local contingent that competed. 

Jeason Murphy led the Salidans in the marathon with a second-place finish. Liz Weiss, Sarah Papathakis, Elijah Wilcox, Zeke Wilcox and Aaron Blondeau also had top-10 finishes in the half marathon while Emerson Reed, 14, and Joaquin Wilcox, 11, won the 2-mile fun runs. 

“I think Salidans raced really well this year,” said race director Kristy Falcon. “It was great to see so many local runners race so well yesterday. Looking at past results, you see there are a few local runners like Kenny Wilcox and Aaron Blondeau who placed in the top three at the first edition of the Run Through Time in 2006. That they’re still finishing so high at this race 16 years later is really impressive.”

Kenny Wilcox won the half marathon in 1 hour, 35 minutes, 2.4 seconds, finishing 38 seconds ahead of Ryan Degroot in second.   

Elijah Wilcox, 16, crossed fifth in 1:38:15.0; Zeke Wilcox, 13, crossed sixth in 1:38:15.0; and Blondeau finished 10th in 1:40:28.0.

Gunnison’s Lindsey Herman won the female division of the half marathon by more than 6 minutes in 1:46:04.6. 

Liz Weiss led the Salidans in the field with a fifth-place finish in 2:03:03.6. Sara Papathakis also cracked the top 10 with a seventh-place finish in 2:06:43.5.

In the marathon, Boulder’s Drew Holmen won by almost 19 minutes. Holmen’s winning time was 3:02:33.6. 

Salida’s Murphy, however, finished second in the field of 84 in 3:21:32.8.

Boulder’s Clare Gallagher won the marathon’s female division by more than 9 minutes in 3:46:11.0. 

Buena Vista’s Liz Krasnow was the highest local finisher in the marathon, crossing 18th in 5:29:14.9.  Salidan Angie Morrison placed 20th in 5:29:14.9. 

“The other winners ran really fast this year,” Falcon said. “The winning times in the men’s and women’s marathon and the women’s half marathon were some of the fastest times ever run on this version of the racecourse. They were also really impressive.”

Salidans also claimed the top spots in the 2-mile races. Reed won the female division in 16:46.1, followed by Leah Paschall (19:15.0) and Amy Reed (19:18.4). 

Joaquin Wilcox won the male division in 15:01.4 while his brother, Asher Wilcox, 8, placed third in 17:15.1. 

Other locals who cracked the top 20 in their respective races include Angie Morrison, who placed 20th in the marathon (5:36:10.4). 

Alex Fleischer placed 10th in the marathon (4:03:42.9), David Remington finished 14th (4:21:44.6), Will Barnwell finished 16th (4:23:23.6), and Dolan Potts placed 17th (4:23:23.8).

Mandy Paschall crossed 17th in the half marathon in 2:17:11.1. 

In the half marathon’s male division, Nelson Jones finished 13th (1:47:23.5), Anthony Duricy finished 15th (1:49:18.3), Jonathon Trenary placed 16th in 1:50:09.7, and William Hussy finished 20th in 1:53:50.6.

The race was scheduled for March 13 but got pushed back a week due to a snowstorm that covered the state. 

“The race went really well this year,” Falcon said. “Postponing it by a week did reduce the turnout, and numbers were down this year compared to other years due to the race postponement. However, I think numbers would have been down even more if the race had happened last week, because traveling conditions were so bad for so many people. The people who competed yesterday seemed really happy to be there and to be able to compete and to be around other runners in a race atmosphere. People really enjoyed the beautiful weather that we had yesterday – it was a perfect day for a race.”

In the three distances, 334 runners competed on Saturday. 

Falcon also thanked the event’s volunteers for their flexibility and willingness to help out this year, as well as the Salida community in general for their long-standing support of the event. 

“I think runners really appreciated being able to race this spring and were very willing to follow all of the race COVID protocols so that everyone was able to have a great day out there,” Falcon said.