“It’s been a very unique season,” coach Randy Kapushion of the Salida track and field team said, trying to describe a season that started later then usual and continues past the end of school. “Last year we were cancelled after only two weeks of practice, and didn’t even have a meet. It’s like starting the program all over again.”

Kapushion should know, he’s been working the track and field team in one capacity or another for 15 years now.

Track and field is a unique sport, in that the athletes compete as a team, but as individuals in several different events like short sprints, long runs, jumping and throwing.

“I think it’s a great sport for anyone and everyone,” Kapushion said. “Everyone can find something they might like. Track and field is open to all kinds of athletes and body types.”

Because there are so many types of events, Kapushion needs various coaches to help run the team.

Karen McCarthy and Natalie Nicholson have been working with the long distance runners.

Kapushion said Kenny Wilcox, the Salida cross country coach, also drops by once in a while to work with the long-distance runners, many who also run on his team.

Kapushion said he had a number of other coaches lined up, to assist at some of the field events, like jumpers, throwers or hurdlers, but most of the athletes this year are focusing on running.

“We don’t have a lot of kids out for the field events this year, jumping and throwing, but we had volunteers lined up in case anyone was interested,” Kapushion said.

Now that school is out, the team has to be even more flexible, as some of the athletes have other demands on their time, like summer jobs.

“We practice in the morning for those who can make it, but if they can’t, they will need to figure out their own workouts,” Kapushion said. “We have a good group of kids this year, and I look forward to next year. Hopefully we can build on this.”