Track and field is a different kind of team, where athletes, for the most part, compete individually in a vast variety of events including short distance sprints, long distance runs, various jumping and throwing competitions.

At Salida High School, the athletes may be competing in different events, but they all come at them with positive attitudes.

“I think the season’s been really good so far,” sophomore Quinn Smith said. “I think we will get better with more time. My personal goal is to go to state, either as part of a relay team or running by my self, that would be great.”

“As we go on, I think we’ll see a lot of personal records as we head toward state,” junior Elijah Wilcox said. A lot of us have set (personal records) already. I’m excited to work hard and secure my spot in state.”

“The season has been promising so far,” junior Kuper Banghart said. “What the distance crew had done so far has been really good. I hope we can take as many people to state as possible.”

“So far we have done well at our matches – set a lot of new personal records,” junior Macy Mazzeo said. “I think we’ll have a few kids going to state.”

“I think we’ve been doing really good so far, even with our small numbers,” said senior Kai Brown. “We try and push each other to be better. I really enjoy it, even with the short, weird season.”

While they all have great attitudes toward the season, they all have different reasons why they join the track team and compete in the events they do.

Brown said, “This is my first year running track. I usually play club soccer now, but this year the soccer schedule changed. I broke my back in February, and couldn’t even play soccer.

“I wanted to use track to get back into shape. I didn’t want to end the year with just a broken back and nothing else. I’m really glad I decided to join. It’s been a fun experience, I’ve met some great new people and get to go out with a bang.

“Right now I’m running the 200, and the 4x200 relay. I might try the 400 or 800 in the future. I’m pretty fast. I don’t like distance, and I’m not a straight sprinter, but something in between.”

“I run the 200 and 400 meter dash because my dad ran the 400 meter, and he always inspired me,” Mazzeo said. “I enjoy sprints as well as being with the track team in general.”

“I like anything between the 400 and the 1600,” Smith said. “I’ve always liked running distance, and love the sprinting, so the 400 is perfect for me.”

Wilcox said, “I run in the 4x800, the 1600 and the 3200. It gives me some competitive variance. I may not run as fast as some others, but I can endure the pain longer.”

“I run the 4x800, the 800 and occasionally the 1600,” Banghart said. “I love the 800. It’s not so short that you have to deal with tall sprinters with long strides, and it requires some endurance.