A life jacket loaner station will be “up and running next week,” said Buena Vista Recreation director Earl Richmond.

A project of the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area, the loaner station will be set up near the newly-rebuilt changing station in the Buena Vista River Park, said Tappan Brown, an AHRA river ranger supervisor. A companion loaner station debuted earlier this summer at the Coors Boat Ramp in Salida.

The stations come with new AHRA regulations that everyone in a whitewater park must wear flotation devices.

Brown said the life jackets and temporary signage were dropped off in BV this week.

The jackets will be loaned out “strictly on the honor system,” Brown said.

“We do have all of the life jackets labeled, three sizes available – universal, adult universal and child. Those size guidelines are on some of the signage. 

“They’re labeled as a loaner life jacket. The other signage has some information and asks people to return the life jacket when they’re finished,” he said.

The life jacket stations were funded through a grant from the U.S. Coast Guard, Brown said.