Leadville local and wildflower expert, Robin Dunn, will host two Greater Arkansas River Nature Association educational wildflower identification hikes in the Upper Arkansas Valley. 

The first hike will be Saturday, to Ptarmigan Lakes. This moderate, 6.5 mile hike will take approximately 5-6 hours. 

The second wildflower identification hike will be on Aug. 1 to an area locally known as Alpine Meadow or “Hills are Alive” in the Mining District east of Leadville. 

The area covers sub-alpine, alpine and a bit of tundra. This area is known for its abundance of wildflowers and some of the species covered include blue flax, columbine, Jacob’s ladder, purple fringe, alpine sunflowers, monkshood, wild delphiniums, and old man of the mountain. This hike will be approximately 4 miles in length and take around 5 hours. 

Each of these hikes is $5 for GARNA members and $10 for non-members. Visit garna.org/calendar/wildflower-hike-to-ptarmigan-lake/ to register for the July 25 Ptarmigan Lake hike and garna.org/calendar/the-hills-are-alive-wildflower-hike/ to register for the Aug. 1 Leadville hike. 

Space is limited. 

Contact the GARNA office at info@garna.org or 719-539-5106 for questions. 

Participants should plan to wear a mask, dress in layers, and bring sunscreen, lunch, snacks and plenty of water. 

For a copy of GARNA’s COVID policy regarding hikes see the sites linked above.