Caulking a window is a simple job that anyone can master. Bruce Davidson, owner/operator of Salida’s Acculine Construction, sets out the necessary steps.

1. Verify if the window is made of aluminum, wood, composite, or vinyl and use the appropriate caulk.

2. Remove the old caulk using a scraper or utility knife.

3. Remove all oils, dirt and detritus from the area.

4. If the gap is wide, use foam backer rod to fill the space and caulk over it.

Feel free to practice, wiping off the caulk and doing it again until you get a clean, smooth surface.

In Buena Vista, Chuck’s Contracting Plus owner Chuck Kay offers that there are several things to consider when choosing caulk. Some come in colors and some are easier to paint over than others. Between the two basic types of silicone and acrylic, the silicone costs a little more, but seals better and only needs to be used on the exterior of windows. Acrylic is cheaper and easier to work with, but depending on the window, may need to be used on both sides.

He advises to cut a small hole in the top of the tube and run a small bead of caulk at roughly a 30° angle with a smooth and even flow, not making the fill wider than needed, then don’t touch it.

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