Riding in the mountains

Be Prepared. Weather can change dramatically in the Colorado high country.

Make sure someone knows where you are. Respect and stay within your limitations.

Hydrate and use sunscreen. Along with the dry climate, the altitude ranges from 7,000 feet to more than 14,000 feet.

At these elevations the sun is intense and water is your friend. Make sure little ones get slathered up too!

Drive responsibly. For on- and off-road vehicles, stay on designated roads.

Obey posted signs and follow the rules for specific areas. Please respect all closed areas.

Leave it like you found it. Remove all trash and evidence of your stay on public lands and in wilderness areas so others can find them as beautiful as you did. Help keep mountains and rivers pristine.

Respect others, share the outdoors. Whether you are on a bike, horseback, motorized vehicle, skis, snowshoes or on foot, share the outdoors with others by driving safely, minimizing noise and keeping pets under control.

Private property is private. Legal access may be required in certain areas.

Please make sure you know where you want to go and that you have proper access.

Wildlife are “wild.” Do not feed them or let pets chase them. Enjoy from a distance.

For your BFF (best furry friend), let him/her meet other local dogs at Loyal Duke’s Dog Park on Holman Ave. This park includes an off-leash area. A fenced dog park area is located east of the Community Center in Buena Vista. An off-leash area is also available near Buena Vista’s Rodeo Grounds.

Need a ride? Daily bus service from Chaffee County to Denver is available through Black Hills Stage Lines.

To book a trip or for more information, log on to blackhillsstagelines.com.

For more information on public lands, check with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, Colorado State Forest Service and the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area.

Although recreational purchase and use of marijuana is now legal in Colorado, it is not legal to smoke it in public places or on public lands.

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