Dear Editor:

It looks like all the Trump lambasters are at it again, though we have had articles in the the Chaffee Times and The Mountain Mail, giving all of us deplorables, UN-salvageable, Walmart shopping, low lives a say. 

Immigrants who flee poverty and danger are welcome. However, they should do it the right way and follow our laws to apply for citizenship.

Under Obama’s presidency, he, and the Clintons, the leadership of the Democrats, all said we are a nation of laws. We have to control our borders and not just let everyone in. We have to be in charge. They said this on camera. Well Obama deported 3.2 million immigrants and the left was overjoyed. Google it.

Along came Donald Trump running for office. He made promises, one of which was identical to the previous administration’s views, and the left went ballistic. 

Now they wanted everyone to come into our country. No need for papers. They’ll get free health care, food and all other benefits, including the right to let drugs, sex traffickers, gang members and all ranges of criminals enter. 

Under Obama we lost factories, companies and workers overseas; a plane full of millions of dollars went to Iran along with a nuke treaty they never intended to honor; uranium was sold to Russia; an American ambassador and security force killed; and a pre-planned unlawful persecution of Trump. Worst president in our history. 

Trump ran on promises made and he has kept many and then some. 

He brought back companies, factories and jobs; worked to even out trade tariffs; supports our military, police, firefighters, health care and first responders; and overhauled the VA health care problems. He secured the border, built a wall, and supports border patrol and immigration officers; got out of WHO; and is getting NATO countries to pay their fair share. The stock exchange broke record after record, he created more jobs than people to fill them. He does not bow nor apologize about our country.

When the virus hit, Trump called a national emergency after about 48 people had died. 

He worked on a stimulus, which the left tried to put on various requests for money that had nothing to do with the virus, such as monies for Planned Parenthood, who aborted 300,000 babies last year and the Kennedy Foundation for the Arts, of which Pelosi is a board member. Trump nixed other requests, all but the Kennedy entity. 

Trump called his national emergency in 10 days and the left went wild again. 

No one remembered that Obama took six months to declare his national emergency after 1,000 people died. 

The Democrat-led states and cities are trying to bring our country down. Don’t let them defund our police, close our churches, take away our firearms and become a socialist nation.

My last humble view is President Donald J. Trump is the best president this country has ever had and I dam sure will vote for him.

Frank “Kiko” Maestas

Buena Vista