Dear Editor:

We had a blast with the “Through the Artists’ Eyes” exhibit and silent auction at Central Colorado Conservancy’s annual fundraising event on Nov. 7.

Special thanks go to Leslie Jorgensen (who was the guru and administrator of the show), and to Deborah Fields (with great ideas and fabulous media skills).

All the artists who participated are among the 40 members of Artists for Conservation: So many folks at the annual event commented on the breadth of the work and the depth of talent on display.

And, each artist was supporting the mission of Central Colorado Conservancy with their participation in Artists for Conservation, as well as in this show.

So, hats off for our friends and fellow travelers who participated in the show: Evelyn Baker, Laura Barton, Joe Beakey, Dave Earl, Gail Franke, Tom Franke, Fay Golson, Sandy Horrocks, Sue Ann Hum, Leslie Jorgensen, Nora Larimer, Kris Lee, Scott Leonard, Kay Litz, Julie Maas, Donna Miller, Judy Sprague, Mel Strawn, Donna Wagle and Mary Wolfe.

A world-class lineup, and each important to the work of Central Colorado Conservancy. Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your gifts with us all.

Jeanne Herrick-Stare, board member and coordinator of Artists for Conservation,

Central Colorado Conservancy