Dear Editor:

Salida is in a little bit of a pickle for now as the city’s recycling center closes on April 8.

From what I have seen when using the center, the people of Salida do a great job of recycling. However, it is a little disheartening as to the amount of recycling material our little town generates.

Perhaps it is time to look at the whole shopping experience from the consumer end as well as the supplier end.

We as consumers should look at ways to minimize the amount of packaging we generate while the suppliers and manufacturers need to consider ways to reduce disposable packaging.

The large amount of cardboard recycled makes me conclude that there is a lot of online buying leading to a plethora of deliveries in cardboard boxes.

I understand we are somewhat isolated from the abundant brick and mortar shopping experience of a big city, but perhaps we can shift our entitled American attitude that we must have everything immediately and find alternatives to so much shipping.

Two possible suggestions are to go to local merchants and see if they can order and include your item with their periodic order or you could build a list of items to be purchased during your next visit to the Front Range.

As far as other recycled items, perhaps people can buy in larger containers to alleviate disposal of so many containers, adopt reusable containers, and of course, stop buying cases of disposable water bottles and buy a few reusable bottles.

Industry has pounded into our brains that we are too busy to cook, and we should buy our meals pre-packaged and ready to pop into the microwave.

People, it does not take very long to make a meal from scratch and if your life is so busy, maybe you need to reassess your schedule.

Cooking is fun. So, do not be surprised when your trash bill increases as they will be hauling all that extra waste

Doug Mendelson