Dear Editor:

COVID-19 versus polio: a comparison. 

Both diseases kill. Both cause respiratory failure that require mechanical help. 

Iron lungs were used to treat polio and ventilators for COVID-19. Both leave long-lasting aftereffects. Polio patients had muscle wasting and weakness. COVID “long haulers” experience damage to heart, lungs and mental changes. 

Both have available vaccines. In the 1960s people readily took the vaccinations. Polio has almost joined smallpox as being completely eradicated from the world.

COVID-19 has several vaccinations available. They are not perfect, but we know those who are vaccinated rarely end up in the hospital or die. 

Another way of saying that, unvaccinated patients are overwhelming our healthcare system; 805,000 have died from COVID in the U.S., 4.6 million worldwide.

Please set aside political and religious beliefs. Fire Dr. Facebook. Stop reading from the internet school of medicine. Be alive so you can vote. Jesus never wrote don’t get vaccinated. 

We may never eliminate COVID as we have polio, but we can alter its course and devastating effects that it is having on mankind.

COVID has destroyed and hurt many families. If you are not vaccinated you are playing Russian roulette. One day the bullet will get you. 

Dr. Harry Payton,