Dear Editor:

Here we go again with consultants holding public hearings only to steer us in directions with emotions rather than facts as the comprehensive plan is being prepared. When planning for anything, it is only logical to ask what the issue is and what the problems are and whether they are real or perceived.

Why have the consultants not been instructed to first present the demographics of the county to give facts to the public before asking for opinions on what should or should not be done for future development?

Everyone should be informed about the limitations on land that is available that has not already been subdivided, with the various government agencies, fishing easements, conservation easements, inaccessible mining claims, trusts with deed restrictions limiting any development and exempt properties from development.

I attended the meeting Thursday evening in Buena Vista when there was supposed to be public input. That did not happen, as the consultants shut us down from questions and directed us to put our chips in front of the proposed Plans 1, 2, 3 or 4 for development in the future.

Commissioner Keith Baker has apparently been the one overseeing the process and has stated he has been involved in strategic planning. Why then have you not demanded we have the demographics presented before proceeding with any proposals for this county? This is a deceptive process for which the consultants have been paid a stupid amount of $250,000. Oh, but less I forget, the consultant Wayne did say he had provided food for the event.

Karin Adams