Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Mr. Martindale for his well-written and reasonable response to my previous letter. 

As per the usual, I was expecting any responses to be much more “shrill.” He is right that there is much room to meet in the middle and this exchange is exactly what I mean by “re-setting the dialogue.” 

Unfortunately, we are getting none of that sentiment from Democratic leadership on any level. 

The cartoon just above Joe’s letter said it all – Donkey to Elephant through bullhorn: “Sit Down and Shut up!” 

The Democratic party is losing its mind with power now that it is becoming apparent that Biden will sign anything the far-left places in front of him. 

Bypassing Congress and pretending he has a “mandate” to “fundamentally transform America.” 

I guess they really don’t have a choice. They have to make people forget about Trump’s economic accomplishments. This country became truly energy independent for the first time in 75 years. 

Even though Trump was, shall we say, “unlikeable,” he proved that conservative economic principles could and would grow the economy. 

Every demographic enjoyed record job growth, wages were rising and optimism was high. 

The antithesis to socialism that this country was founded upon was again being proven to actually work. 

Which is why, during the 2020 election, Trump received more votes than any incumbent in American History, including more minority support than any Republican in over 50 years. 

Love him or hate him, his economic record was astounding on every level. All of this while the Democrats, big tech and their elitist media sycophants did everything they could to confuse, divide and sow hatred for all things Trump. 

I’m not pretending that Trump is a good communicator, he isn’t. But over the last four years, montages of left-wing Democrat leaders inciting violence, last many minutes. 

It worked; they are now past the “point of no return.” 

Marxist militants, Antifa and BLM are still rioting, and being bailed out of jail by organizations supported by our current vice president. 

They continue to fight with the police and it is still ignored by the media. 

I refuse to pretend that the left has any moral high ground or credibility left at all. Everyone I know or associate with condemned the rope-a-dope right wing attack of our capital on Jan. 6. 

The Democrats are trying to pretend that every Trump voter is a terrorist, racist and a Nazi in a bid to smash any and all opposition to their radical, socialist takeover of this Country. 

China, Iran and Russia couldn’t be happier than they are right now, by an American administration that once again, puts America last. 

There is absolutely “No evidence” that the brand of Marxism being pushed by the far-left radicals will make life better for anyone other than the ruling class, rich and elite. 

Goodbye middle class and good riddance. As a banner that Antifa regularly marches under reads “America is Over!” We shall see about that. God Bless America!

Bret M. Collyer,