Dear Editor:

Members of the public need to understand the truth. The Democratic candidate won the presidency in a free and fair election. 

There was no voter fraud that affected the outcome of the election. 

More than 60 lawsuits in courtrooms where there are serious penalties for prevarications confirm that. 

The angry mob that breached the Capitol building Wednesday was made up of right-wing Trump supporters urged on by a president who continues to lie to them and the American people. 

The mob was also encouraged by Republican Representatives and Senators whose protest of the Electoral College vote was dangerous folly. 

The action of the violent mob was the predictable result of years of dangerous rhetoric. 

Make no mistake: Baseless claims about conspiracies and the imaginary theft of the election by the opposition inevitably lead to this violence. 

It appears the Republican Party may be going through a reappraisal. They must pick loyalty to Trump, or loyalty to the United States of America. There is no third way. 

We welcome this national level soul searching, even if it comes years later than needed. However, we see the perpetuation of the nonfactual narrative being perpetuated right here in Chaffee County. 

Reports in social media that the mob in Washington was not Trump supporters, but a mysterious Antifa group are unable to be substantiated and are lies. Trump himself spoke to the mob and sent them to the U.S. Capitol on their violent mission. 

Republican leaders, newspaper editors and publishers, friends and neighbors: please tell the fantasy- based, alternative reality folks in your movement to stop. The potential for violence is too great to ignore.

Keith Baker

Bill Baker, Vice Chair Chaffee County Democrats

Terri Lukas, Vice Chair Chaffee County Democrats

Kent Wood

Sig Jaastad

Robin Ziperman