Dear Editor:

Thanks, rioters.

You have taken a situation in which nearly all Americans stood in solidarity with one another against a horrible, despicable racist act –and now have made the whole issue about anarchy and the rule of law.

Mr. Trump blames antifa for the destruction of businesses in large American cities across our country since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

This claim is plausible due to the abhorrent behavior by antifa that I chronicled in my letter to the editor on Oct. 30, 2018, which listed numerous destructive episodes in Portland, Oregon.

Now, there are protesters, rioters and instigators for antifa who have seized an area of Capitol Hill close to the Seattle Police East Precinct. There they plan to set up a “government” in this territory which they occupy. They are naming it “Free Capitol Hill.”

I believed then and still believe that someone with an agenda is paying people to create mob violence against most conservative American values. Read the following and make up your own mind:

Even Attorney General Barr claimed “We’re dealing with a witches’ brew of extremist organizations.”

President Trump hasn’t addressed the killing of George Floyd adequately, according to the mainstream media. This is after President Trump said, “We will stand with the family of George Floyd, with the peaceful protesters and with every law-abiding citizen who wants decency, civility, safety and security. We are working toward a more just society, but that means building up, not tearing down; joining hands, not hurling fists, standing in solidarity, not surrendering to hostility.”

Hundreds of protesters/demonstrators in Denver spray-painted graffiti, damaged cars and even blocked all lanes of I-25 until dispersed by police. There were 238 instances of damage and 284 arrests between May 28-31.

Our Rep. Jim Wilson (while videoing the “obscenities, vulgarities and destruction on and around the Capitol”) asked a TV news team why they didn’t show fellow Coloradans what had been done. Their response was “The FCC will not allow us to air this kind of stuff.”

I’m including Mr. Wilson’s reply, in case you missed it. He said, “The FCC allows obscenity, vulgarity, nudity and violence in movies and shows all over the airwaves – why won’t they allow the truth to be shown?”

In closing, I hope that the rule of law is not subverted with anarchy and chaos. If it does, our country could experience total collapse.

Judith Anne Smith,