Dear Editor:

Mandy Paschall is an ideal candidate for the Salida school board and will make a great board member. 

I have known Mandy for a little over one year as a member of the District Accountability Committee. She brings a deep passion for student success, teacher support and a willingness to innovate educational pathways to prepare students for success after graduation. 

I have seen Mandy’s passion for student and teacher social and emotional support during a unique time in our community: dealing with a pandemic while sustaining educational excellence and student/staff safety. 

Her experience as a health care professional and mother of three Salida students is foundational to her dedication and commitment for educational success. There may be no other community commitment that requires the long hours, willingness to address very important issues, plus bond with the other board members for the benefit of our children and school staff. 

Mandy has this commitment and talent to both lead and support key educational policies and growth needed to continue the district’s excellent performance. She has my vote and I ask that you support her also.

David Armstrong,