Dear Editor:

Saturday night I attended the play “Our Town” performed by the Salida High School drama team. As usual, the team did a great job and the play was most enjoyable. 

Although most plays seem to revolve around a limited number of central figures, I found this to be much more of an ensemble collaboration. Everyone played their parts well and the script jumped from character to character so as not to focus on one person, but all the town folk. I should amend that statement as the narrator of the play was present throughout the play guiding us through the town and its evolving history. 

I am not a critic so I do not want to go into detail on each character, but I must mention the actress (and I distinguish actors from actresses as several of the male roles were played by females) who played the constantly soused church organist as she rivaled Otis from Mayberry in her depiction of the town drunk. 

I found particularly professional was the ability of the actors to know when to pause when required and not rush a scene. All successful comedians will tell you timing is as important as the joke. 

And since I have referred to the ensemble as a team, I will not forget to compliment the stage crew, director, lighting crew and others who work behind the scenes. They may not be in the spotlight, but without their smooth and accurate work, the performance would suffer. 

The team is trying to raise money to attend an important workshop in Denver in December, so if you are interested in helping them attend please go to and donate to “Alive and Well.” 

Unfortunately, by the time you read this is it will be too late to attend this play, but the team will perform its second musical in the last 10 years in the spring, and if it is anything like the last one (“Little Shop of Horrors”), it should not be missed.

Douglas Mendelson,