Dear Editor:

We could not be more pleased that the Jamie and Joni Baker family has bought the Woodland Motel. With Joni’s past experience in the hospitality industry and Jamie’s in construction, the motel’s future looks very bright indeed.

Steve has spent a number of hours with them already, going over all kinds of critical information about how the motel has operated in the past so that the transition for the Bakers and the improvements they have planned can move forward quickly and smoothly.

The Bakers have been working to update many of the linens and are planning to roll out local coffee in the rooms. They will be planting flowers in early June, are planning to partner with the city for some events this summer and are working to release a new logo.

We look forward to providing whatever help we can in the future.

Steve and Viva Borbas, 

former Woodland Motel owners,