Dear Editor:

So we went downtown Thursday for some art at the SteamPlant and music in Riverside Park. Driving around searching for a parking space, we got behind an enormous pickup with a Texas license plate and a bumper sticker saying: “Y’all can go to hell, I think I’ll go back to Texas.”

I thought, “What a great idea! Could you start right now? When you get back there, be sure to write back and let us know if you can tell which place you’re in, and why you left in the first place.”

The art was great. Music in the park, greeting friends not seen for over a year, and dancing and watching young dads dancing with their daughters, and noticing a few new social match-ups was an over-the-top delight. Try doing that in Texas without getting bug-bit and sweat-soaked.

The polar caps are melting, coastal cities are flooding, the Rockies are drying up and getting overrun with careless campers, and Chaffee County is being carved up and dried out by developers. But the Heart of Salida is whole and sweet. I can’t imagine a better place to be. It’s worth our efforts to keep it that way.

Ed Berg,