Dear Editor:

Monarch Ski Area is not in support of Envision Chaffee County due to the redundant aspect of its mission and proposed insertion of a nonauthoritative agency speaking for the public.

The public already has many agencies responsible for proper governance of our nation’s lands. The proposed insertion of a nonelected “agency” speaking on behalf of the public for sway to their own agenda is not supported by Monarch Ski Area.

Monarch and all ski areas in Colorado have had a long and singular relationship with the national forest and its many agencies. Each and every member of the public has a voice to the forest as to what goes on at ski areas, as well as the whole of the forest and any other government land. There is simply no need to expand governance beyond this relationship.

Personally, I could not be prouder of what our ownership group has accomplished in nearly 20 years of stewardship at Monarch. It is quite evident in the infrastructure, management and business results during that time.

In addition, I do not want a select few, nonelected “officials” to speak for what I want to see in the public lands surrounding this committee. I can do that well enough on my own.

Bob Nicolls,

Monarch Ski Area and

Monarch Investments