Dear Editor:

I am double disappointed to read and listen, not only on the national level, but now on the local level to read the partisan remarks in The Mountain Mail by the former representative to our state legislature, Jim Wilson. 

Wilson, after commenting briefly on the violence and destruction on the capitol in Washington D.C. then processed to take the opportunity to vent his political views about our state governor and on what he did or didn’t do last summer. 

Isn’t this just promoting more party affiliation divisiveness? 

Isn’t it enough at this time to decry just exactly what happened in this country without making statements reflecting party differences? 

This is about what happened and why it happened. This is a result of the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump making inflammatory statements from before he was his party’s primary nomination to the very day of the mob overtaking the capitol of this country for the first time by the citizens of this country. 

This is an exceeding sad time for our country and my first reaction was tears but other Republican remarks and particularly Jim Wilson’s remarks in The Mountain Mail, in this country and this town is unacceptable. 

My reactions range from tears to anger when other citizens of our country and this place where I live fail to simply acknowledge the enormity of what happened, acknowledge why it happened and look for ways to solve issues instead of issuing statements that sidetrack what happened and only serve to create further divisiveness.

Lynette Hansing,