Dear Editor:

The U.S. Forest Service rightly turned down a proposed land trade with Texas billionaire Red McCombs in 1986, saying it was not in the public interest.

The service reversed itself after 2 weeks due to political pressure and created a private 420-acre inholding within our Rio Grande National Forest.

A huge residential and commercial development was then proposed on Wolf Creek Pass at the headwaters of two major rivers in important wildlife habitat and a critical wildlife corridor.

The trade proposed now is not in our interest any more than the first one was. Why should we want to enhance the wealth of one billionaire at the expense of our own traffic safely, wildlife, open space, water quality and views? The proposed Village at Wolf Creek would be a development in the wrong place.

A more suitable location needs to be found. That would be in the best interests of both the developer and the public.

Dick Scar,

Buena Vista