Dear Editor:

It’s doubtful that Linda Taylor’s hateful rant in this newspaper changed the mind of anyone who might be sitting on the fence about getting vaccinated.

The virus doesn’t care about the political views of the person it infects and sometime kills. It is the enemy of us all.

During the summer of 1776 Founding Father John Adams, while serving in the war effort and working on the Articles of Confederation, considered smallpox to be “the king of terrors” and the enemy to be feared more than any other. In a letter to his wife, Abigail, who was overseeing a crude and somewhat risky inoculation method available at the time of herself and her children, he wished the whole populace could be inoculated.

We can give former President Trump’s administration credit for developing the vaccine, which is still the best weapon against this enemy of us all. Let’s use it.

Monika Griesenbeck

(vaccinated and boosted),Salida