Dear Editor:

On behalf of Foodshed Alliance I would like to thank Monarch Community Outreach for their generous donation to Farmers Feed Chaffee.

Contributions like this make Farmers Feed Chaffee possible, and they help support a number of people and organizations in our community. We hope to be on the tail end of the tough times that the pandemic has sprung upon many of us, and we greatly appreciate the continued support from staples in our community like MCO.

Farmers Feed Chaffee is a local food pantry meant to create easier access for at-risk individuals who have challenges with food security. Not only does this program support those in need of nourishment, but it also directly supports our local farmers, ranchers, bakers, etc. who work so hard to provide our community with fresh and high-quality foods. With donations like the one we have received from Monarch Community Outreach we will be able to continue this important work.

Monarch Mountain has long been a fixture of Chaffee County, and they have done an amazing job of supporting the community that has supported them for so long. MCO is a nonprofit organization that facilitates and provides aid to other people and organizations in the area who need a helping hand.

I would also like to extend some quick but genuine gratitude toward anyone who has donated to Monarch Community Outreach as the funds they have allocated do not come out of thin air. Specifically, to employees of Monarch Mountain, many of whom allow a portion of their paychecks to fund this wonderful program.

Thank you so very much, Monarch Community Outreach – your generosity is beyond anything that we could have expected and will be carefully utilized to benefit the most people in the best way.

Arlo Shefte-Jacobs, market operator,

Foodshed Alliance