Dear Editor:

I am grateful to those who replied to my June 15 letter; here is my reply.

The gentleman from Lansing whose letter ran twice under different headlines. He’s absolutely right; I am far from unbiased; not being a reporter and the abject failure of the far left to criminalize conservatism confirms that right. It is no secret that I am proud to be an American.

The vague concept of “nuance” is foreign to many adults, let alone innocent children who just want to be kids. If Critical Race Theory is that complex, it should be nowhere near a K-12 curriculum. American children are already woefully behind their global peers in educational basics, like reading, writing, arithmetic and history.

Corrupt teachers unions have been unable to address this educational inequity for decades now. So, should we allow them to confuse our kids further and fail to educate them any longer in abeyance to yet another clearly racist and divisive “social theory,” based in failed communist ideology? I think not. The websites referenced were already thoroughly researched by me and confirmed everything contained in my letter.

To Mrs. Scheiman, thank you for your well-reasoned reply. I think you would agree that a lot has changed since 1952, structurally and organically in our society, for the better. Especially if you look away from large inner cities that have been run by Democrats for decades.

The concept of “equity” (outcomes) is in fact the polar opposite of “equality” (opportunity). Not every white person has had an easier life. Not every person of color has had a harder life. I am feeling slightly “despondent” about our country because a small, vocal minority want to push us over the socialism cliff, with no current or historical evidence that it works. In fact, quite the horrific opposite is true.

 Thanks for the reading suggestions; here’s one for you: “Color, Communism and Common Sense” by Mr. Manning Johnson (c) 1958. The white communists have always used people of color to advance their agenda; it is nothing new. To Averi Shaubman, your letter started out reasonably. However, if CRT is not neo-Marxist., why was it created by self-avowed Marxists? I can assure you, this is no coincidence. You are obviously well studied in the tactics of Saul Alinsky. Redlining mortgages was outlawed by the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

As for educational opportunities, there will soon be a large exodus from public education, and the cries, especially from minorities, for “school choice” will become deafening. Since teachers unions have chosen to weaponize their resources against their own clients and will metaphorically die on the hill of “CRT adjacent” curriculum, their days as a powerful political force are numbered.

The most vocal opponents of the CRT curriculum genre are, in fact, minorities. If you’re not seeing this, change the channel more. I did find it interesting, however, that nobody chose to defend the crumbling Biden administration or their destructive anti-American policies, except for CRT.

Bret M. Collyer,