Dear Editor:

Political and social justice signs were stolen in Buena Vista the night of Oct. 8. The trespasses and thefts occurred after dark, starting around  8 p.m. No fewer than 75 signs were vandalized and stolen. 

At least 75 signs were recovered on CR 306 and CR 371 Oct. 9. 

Signs recovered were Biden, Hickenlooper and social justice messages with 53 of the signs from the Keith Baker campaign. 

The value of the signs stolen from the Baker campaign is a minimum of $583. In Colorado, a Class 6 felony is defined as more than $2,000 but less then $5,000, so the crimes are misdemeanors.  

Recovery of some of the vandalized, stolen property was witnessed and documented by Deputy Jesse Sanderlin assisted by Deputy Jesse Cortese.

Some of the stolen property was kept by the sheriff, presumably as evidence, some was returned because it was identifiable. 

The sheriff has assigned Sanderlin to the case. Sheriff’s reports were filed, the case number is #20002355.  

Political signs are private property. Stealing and vandalizing signs is trespassing. 

Both are misdemeanors and violations of private property and reportable to authorities. 

Whenever private property is stolen or vandalized a report should be filed with authorities.

Perpetrators of these thefts are violating our private property rights and committing reportable crimes.

Calls for unity are coming from our friends and neighbors. 

To respect one another’s private property and refrain from trespass could be a good start.

JoAnne Allen