Dear Editor:

Chaffee County benefits greatly to the extent that its citizens perceive the county as an environmentally conscious community. 

An environmentally conscious reputation is also important when it comes to attracting outside businesses and prospective newcomers.

A county that grants permission to a foreign business to pump native water from a local aquifer and truck it 100 miles away to be bottled in disposable plastic bottles is a county that is signaling clearly that it is not interested in being an environmental steward. 

Such water activity is clearly not environmentally sound and such permission diminishes Chaffee’s status as an environmentally concerned community.

So I ask the commissioners to consider their citizen’s desires to live in an environmentally recognized and concerned community, as reflected by the practices permitted to the environment by the county. 

Let’s help grow Chaffee County’s reputation in a positive way by saying “no” to Nestlé.

John Graham,