Dear Editor:

It seems like all we see in the paper these days is that we should re-elect Keith Baker because of all the boards and committees he’s been on. 

Well, membership on 100 boards hasn’t prevented Baker from this error in judgement: supporting the prolonged lockdown in Chaffee County imposed by the governor. 

It made sense when we knew nothing about the virus. 

But by mid-July, when we knew that elders and not the rest of us were its prime victims, and our businesses were struggling? 

Even Dr. David Navarro of World Health Organization admitted it is past time to stop lockdowns, citing “global catastrophe on health, poverty, and economics” on Oct. 10.  

And the governor’s Red Flag Law that would take our guns without due process? Baker is in the tank for that one, too.  

Hannah Hannah has visited dozens of local business owners. 

All have told her she is the first commissioner or commissioner candidate ever to ask how county government can do a better job for them. 

No amount of experience can substitute for listening to the people who run the businesses that are the backbone of our economy. 

It’s time to elect new county leadership! 

“Trust our good people. Don’t regulate them to death.” That’s been Hannah’s guiding light in her years of wide-ranging business and community development work. 

See her bio and her great ideas at and the Hannah for Commissioner Facebook page.

Ruth Heckmann

Buena Vista