Dear Editor:

I am one of the “few disgruntled residents of CR 190 West.” This unflattering comment was made by the consultant for Aspire. Aspire wants to have the county commissioners change the land use of their property from Rural Residential to Commercial. 

The land in question borders the Arkansas River just north of Big Bend. 

They wish to operate a rafting and campground type of business. This proposed operation would be located where, currently, there are homes on at least 5 acres along with the Roberts Ranch. 

It would impact the water table, the Gold Medal fishing on the Arkansas, possibly double the traffic on CR 190 W, (which is a narrow barely paved road turning into a washboard dirt road) and have seasonal employees camping on Aspire’s land. 

With our recent Decker Fire and the current fire band, can you imagine those seasonal employees adhering to the fire ban?

Aspire recently leased the Rock Doc in Centerville. They could operate their business venture from that location, that’s already zoned for commercial enterprises. 

The residents who live on or near CR 190 W have gathered more than 575 signatures of people opposed to this zoning variance. 

Nobody is opposed to personal property rights. When Aspire bought that land in 2018, they knew it was zoned for residents. 

If they wanted to operate an “adventure company,” they should have bought an existing business. 

Instead, they have hired a high priced lawyer who minimizes the long time residents of CR 190 W to try to persuade the county commissioners to adapt the zoning to their rich desires.

If this variance is approved by the commissioners, what is next? 

Help us by supporting our movement to stop Aspire from commercializing CR 190 W. Go to our website to get the information. The email address is

You might not know where CR 190 W is, but I’m sure that you know someone who lives there. 

Help your friend and neighbor. Keep the shuttle vans and the delivery trucks on the roads designed to handle them. Keep our rural county rural.

Dennis Ridley