Dear Editor: 

Issues of concern for our Chaffee residents. Economic polices that make responsible use of our revenue. 

Hannah’s entrepreneurial business experience has always operated on a tight budget and as a single mom raising two sons she recognizes our social needs. 

Hannah will apply these experiences and run the county on a well thought out budget. 

The combination of the county comprehensive plan, Buena Vista Three Mile Plan, the recent IGA and other documents erode our land and water rights. 

Regarding these issues Hannah will always defend our individual property and water rights. 

Attaining affordable housing. Hannah will actively pursue bringing good paying jobs to Chaffee County making housing affordable. 

Protecting our rights to access our federal and state lands. Hannah will fight back against all attempts to unnecessarily lock up our lands. 

Supporting our police and first responders. Hannah believes public safety is what government is for and therefore fully supports our law enforcement and first responders. 

Colorado State Extreme Risk Protection Order Gun law, (Red Flag). Hannah will defend our Second Amendment rights and question this law. This law is a clear violation of our right to due process. 

These are some issues I have personally heard Hannah Hannah, the Republican candidate for Chaffee County Commissioner, District 1, address. 

Chaffee County residents are you also concerned about these issues? 

Vote for Hannah. 

Maryanne Freed, 

Buena Vista