Dear Editor:

I woke early this morning and pondered the results of the election.

I drew a comparison to post Civil War in the U.S. A big difference was that the destruction did not take place from all the fierce battles.  Some similarities do exist. 

The bitter split over slavery can be likened to the huge political divide over numerous issues how to proceed during a pandemic, the folks out of work, folks without incomes/unemployment, an education system functioning in a less than ideal manor,  racial injustice, etc.

Probably the biggest similarity is the cost in lives. In the Civil War it was mostly soldiers and some civilians but, at least, it came to an end.  In the pandemic, it is like a war that will continue to go on until vaccine producers, scientists, and medical staff are able to gain the advantage over the spread of the virus.

The election is in the rear view mirror. For now we have to learn how recover like the “Reconstruction Period” from a “house divided” and heal as a nation. Our main focus will be how to put the virus behind us. 

Paul H. Smith