Dear Editor:

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority” (Ben Franklin). I spend much time and effort doing just that. I research, request documents, publicize facts and am always willing to substantiate my writings. I do this because I care about my country and fear for its future.

What have I found? Dishonesty and corruption. City of Salida, Salida School District, Chaffee County, state of Colorado. Pick one, I can provide examples of shameful conduct. Any impartial arbiter of the facts would say so – but good luck finding one. There are honest people in government, but they look the other way to preserve their own position. Go along to get along. The press should play a role in revealing these transgressions. Instead they either turn a blind eye or actively participate in the deception.

Rational people are unsettled because they no longer have any idea what is true.

Enter Linda Taylor and Frank Waxman. They read a few biased articles, navel gaze and pronounce from on high “their truth,” mistaking it for “the truth.” This universal knowledge they impart must be recognized, even worshipped by others. The source of their fact-free writings seems to be blind emotion marinated with partisan ideology. They never try to prove what they say, any more than they try to disprove what I say. How much easier to pronounce that I “bludgeon the community with hatred, rage, blame and accusation.” Yet another great opportunity to rebut my logical  argument was missed, supplanted by a hateful and intolerant rant. Doesn’t the liberal demand for diversity also extend to diversity of thought?

Since my comments about COVID-19 vaccination have elicited such a violent reaction, let me try a simplification:

Linda Taylor imperiously commands, “Get vaccinated, boosted and wear your masks.” Meanwhile, I never wrote anyone should or should not get the shot. I asked Public Health officials for their expert opinion. For this I am vilified? I described mounting data in the scientific literature of many more post-vaccination injuries and deaths than we are led to believe. Fear inspired by this data prevents many from getting vaccinated. To influence this segment of the population, is it unreasonable to ask for someone in authority to address their specific concerns?

Current U.S. government statistics report 9,623 deaths and 11,255 permanently disabled after COVID-19 vaccination. Why is the topic of vaccine-related deaths off-limits? If there really are only a “handful” of deaths (gospel according to Waxman), why not confirm a number? Note: The last several public communications from Chaffee County Public Health and the county commissioners no longer describe the COVID-19 vaccines as “safe and effective.” I applaud this modification.

If these medical professionals are wrong, please explain why. Analysis and communication, not hysterical rants, are the key to bridging the divide.

Vince Phillips,