Dear Editor:

My husband and I were so delighted to read in the paper that the movie theater was going to return to Salida in 2023. We wanted to express our happy opinion as we don’t use Facebook and would not do the online survey of it.

Our hats off to Jessica Young for walking by the theater and suggesting it to her husband. We have done the very same thing, walking past it and feeling very sad that it had closed. Salida needs this entertainment for the seniors as well as the children, and young adults who want to take their date to a show.

Watching TV is one thing, but every once in a while, you just have to get out of the house and go to dinner and a movie.

We want to thank Nathan and Jessica Young for making this future dream come true. Everyone who feels the same should make their opinions known.

Now all we need is for a passenger train station to return to Salida. Perfect?

Patricia Mckinney,