Dear Editor:

This is the second time this has happened. My dog got high on what I presume is gummy bears from a dispensary. 

This may sound funny, but I assure you the dog doesn’t think so. We have been hiking in the foot hills around Salida for years. 

I have found gummy bears left on the trail. I would like to give people the benefit of the doubt and call this accidental. 

Never the less, the local dispensary tells me there is 10 mg of THC in one gummy. 

This may be an appropriate dose for a 150 pound person, but for a 40 pound dog it is a massive dose. I hate to think what it would do to a grey jay or a 10 pound fox. 

For the dog it was incapacitating. She couldn’t walk. She vomited, but not before the THC was in her bloodstream. I’m writing this the next morning, and she is still struggling. I have no idea if she found one or several.

I would like to ask people who are eating THC gummys to please be careful with them. Please make sure you don’t loose any on the trail. 

They would surely be fatal to small wildlife simply due to the inability to walk, run or fly. I would hate to think of a child finding them.

Mary Gage

Poncha Springs