Dear Editor:

I would like to start off by saying my apologies to the patrons of downtown for referring to them as pigs. I should have phrased it in a different way and I am sorry.

Also I would like to thank the citizens of the downtown of Salida for stepping up and signing my petition against the outside patios. You showed how to be a community. I am proud of you. Your bravery and courage says it all, and you have spoken truth to the city’s lies and misleading statements on the patios.

The administration has continued with the big lie saying the majority of Salida likes the patios, which is not true. The council, mayor and the mayor pro-tem really believe that the same people who broke the open meetings act after I handed in my petition then held a meeting under the table and didn’t respect the 200 people who said no to it and gaslighted the situation.

They care about rich people and restaurants who have already made a profit and their money. They don’t want to give access to the people who are handicapped, disabled, and are discriminating against them and say they don’t matter. That restaurants matter to them and not people who are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Many businesses will not make it due to their selfish actions.

Elected officials need to show leadership and compromise. Mayor and council members need to show some compassion toward the people who are not restaurants and give everyone their fair share. But they don’t want to do that; they are doing everything wrong in office. They don’t want to honor the people who pay taxes on the streets. We pay these people’s salaries. They have attorneys who advise them the wrong way.

I talked to this business owner who owns a hotel and says if the patios go through I will be forced to shut my doors down. I need help and relief but the city doesn’t want to help me; they favor restaurants.

I talked to the woman who is president of the Salida Business Alliance; she said Mr. Shore is wrong, we don’t support the patios.

My mom owns a business and the administration has told owners like her screw you, we can do whatever we want. The bottom line is if the council doesn’t change course on this decision we will be like Leadville.

I am proud of the hard work you have done and I have done to keep contacting the mayor and city council to put heat on them. I might run for council; if I am on there you will never be left behind.

Adam Martinez