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In the new year, we sometimes reprioritize things in our life, like money and our spending habits. In doing so, have you ever wondered how much energy your refrigerator uses or how your TV really affects your electric bill? 

In partnership with Xcel Energy, the Salida Regional Library has portable Power Check meters available for checkout in our circulating collection. 

Accurate and easy to use, these meters have helped hundreds of individuals and businesses save energy and make appliance decisions. Each meter comes in its own carrying case with instructions. 

Use the Power Check meter with any standard 120-volt appliance or electronic device to measure voltage, electricity cost and electric consumption to:

• Determine the operating costs of various appliances and electronics, such as refrigerators, room air conditioners, computers and TVs.

• Identify high energy-use appliances.

• Predict savings from reducing appliance use.

Calculate savings for replacing older appliances with energy-efficient models.

• Discover “energy vampires”— appliances that use energy, even when switched off.

Check one out. Our six Power Check meters may be reserved for checkout through a hold online or at the front desk.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the change in members of our Board of Trustees. 

In October of 2020, Dick Isenberger resigned from the library board due to a family move out of state. 

During his 21 years of service, Dick played an instrumental role in guiding our mission and vision with insight and unique experience. 

Board service is one of the toughest volunteer roles of all and Dick performed with dedication and diligence. 

He distinguished himself as a judicious steward of our library district and always gave an honest opinion. 

Thank you, Dick, for your contributions to our library and our Board of Trustees, I will miss your drop-ins and our conversations.

Filling Dick’s shoes will be Dr. Matthew Burkley, officially taking over the position Jan. 1. Dr. Burkley doesn’t really need an introduction in this town, as he is famous in his own right, having been a member of this community for more than two decades. 

He has served on numerous committees, volunteered services and time to local organizations, and brings with him financial knowledge that will be an asset to the board.

The current board members and I are excited and look forward to working with him.

Happy Reading!

Susan Matthews is Salida Regional Library director.