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by Sandra Egan 

Ark-Valley Humane Society

There is a way to donate to Ark-Valley Humane Society for free. Really. Our shelter has  relied on our kind community since being established in 1991, but especially throughout this pandemic we have relied on you for foster care, donations, fundraiser help and adoptions. 

As we depend on local support to keep our facility going, so do local businesses need to have  you as their customers. 

We urge you to shop locally, but for those of you who also choose to use Amazon, there is an adjunct to the company, Amazon Smile. 

If you register with Amazon Smile .5 percent of all your Amazon purchase costs are donated to a charity of  your choice. 

See, painless, and no fee for using Amazon Smile. 

If you’re an Amazon  Prime member, you sign in through Amazon Smile but purchases are credited to your Amazon Prime account, so shipping is still free. To date, more than $2,370 came into our  shelter thanks to purchases made through Amazon Smile by supporters of our shelter.  

See, I meant it. It’s free and has certainly benefited our shelter animals and staff. 

Sandra Egan is a volunteer at Ark-Valley Humane Society.