Kids Connection

Summer reading is critical for students to retain knowledge and skills learned in the previous school year. 

Students who don’t read are at risk of falling behind their classmates. Parents and teachers can avoid this by making sure kids take time to read.

Reading during summer vacation may not be a priority for children, but parents and teachers should make it one. Why? Summer reading is critical to a child’s ability to not only retain information learned the previous year, but also to grow in knowledge. Reading on a daily basis at a specific time is great way to make sure the reading is done.

Reading, in general, is highly effective at building up a child’s knowledge in a vast amount of subject areas, including English, math, science and history.

Clearly, reading is a strong tool for growing in comprehension skills and general knowledge of the world.

Summer reading is very important for maintaining a child’s current grade level skills and for pushing forward to develop skills above the current grade level. 

But how can parents encourage their children to read over the summer? Check with your local library about a Summer Reading Program. Be sure to have books available for reading at home. Check out the tiny libraries around town for a book or two to read. Remember to either exchange the ones you take or just leave a few your not reading for someone else to read. It’s always important to have books around and available.

 One suggestion of getting kids to read is registering them in the library’s Summer Reading challenge program. If that is something you cannot do then have a reading challenge at home. It is a great way to get them reading and earning great incentives along the way. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for reading in some way. Adults and teens also like some reward for reading during the summer.

Maybe suggest an audio book to students that have a hard time reading, suggest listening to some of their favorite books over the summer. This can help encourage students to keep reading even if they don’t particularly like it. 

A book on tape still opens up the world of adventure and gives students a boost in literacy skills. This summers program is all about minutes so audio books could be a positive way to interest kids in different books.

Encouraging children to read is critical to helping them stay on track with other students and retain information and literacy development over the summer break.

If you’re not sure what your children should be reading, there are a variety of reading lists available but you can also ask a librarian.

Don’t forget to keep reading fun. The lists are just suggestions for summer reading. Give your child the opportunity to choose books on his own as well. 

This can help keep reading interesting and inviting. Reading over the summer is a necessity, but it should also be fun! Salida Library is working on having a great program this summer. Make sure you keep watching our website and Facebook for more information to come soon.

Becky Nelson is the children’s librarian at Salida Regional Library District.