DeLaine E. Simon

DeLaine E. Simon

DeLaine E. Simon, 68, of Salida died Aug. 2, 2020, at home after battling organ failure. Family and friends were at her side. 

She was born May 12, 1952, in Niceville, Florida, to Etienne Simon and Mrytice (Willingham) Simon-Long.

In 1970 she graduated from Niceville High School, and then attended Tallahassee Community College for a degree in fashion design. 

In 1974, she began a successful modeling career with the Dott Burns Modeling Agency in Tampa, Florida. 

She was photographed by Dave Speicher for many years in Tampa, and created most of the designs featured by the agency.

After moving to Denver, she began a music career as a vocalist in local rock and roll bands named Ace Pancakes, All Hands, and Kelly Moon Group. 

She continued fashion wear for men and women as well while working for The Costume Shop in downtown Denver, as a lead designer. 

In 1982 she opened her first custom tailoring shop, CarLaine’s, with business partner Carolyn Peterson.

She was married to Kelly McGinnis March 10, 1984, and they welcomed their only daughter, Simone Star McGinnis, on June 30, 1984. 

In autumn 1990,she moved her business and opened Studio D in downtown Salida, in order to be closer to her parents. 

She was a member of the United Methodist Church, and worked there for many years, alongside her mother and stepfather.

Ms. Simon was known around town as “D” and provided most of the town with a wig or a mask at some point. 

She provided tuxedos to young men for high school prom, wedding dresses were custom made for brides and suits fitted for gangsters in “The Old West Days.” 

She was involved in multiple theatre productions including High Country Fine Arts Association, Salida High School and Salida SteamPlant. 

She was costume designer for the bills: The King and I, Oliver, Annie, A Christmas Carol, My Fair Lady, Dracula, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and many more. 

Ms. Simon donated time and service to many Salida School District events and other events including the lighting of the Christmas tree and the Great Gatsby Ball.

She was preceded in death by her parents; stepfather Jerry; and boyfriend, Nolan. 

Survivors include her daughter, Simone S. McGinnis and many other family members and friends.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Ms. Simon’s memorial will be postponed until local government and travel restrictions are lifted so that everyone interested would be allowed and safe to attend. 

A celebration of life and love memorial is tentatively planned for Oct. 31, 2021, in Salida. 


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