Trustees voted 4-3 in favor of approving three of five requests for short term rental licenses for properties in the Tailwind Village neighborhood during the Poncha Springs meeting Monday.

The three requests that were approved were submitted by applicants who live in Colorado Springs and attended the meeting in person.

Home owners Dave Phillips, Ben and Kari Schultz and Raul and Brenda Ronquillo spoke to the board about their intentions for their Poncha Springs property.

Each told the board they intended to use their second homes as much as possible themselves, but intended to do some short term rentals during the year to help defray costs.

All of the owners said they intend to move to Poncha Springs permanently in the future.

The requests were made subsequent to a May 24 decision when trustees limited short term rental licenses to those who reside in Chaffee County.

All five property owners who applied for the licenses purchased or were in the process of purchasing their property before that decision was made.

The other two applicants, Steve Meyer of South Carolina and Brad Stahlecker of Iowa did not appear in person nor by Zoom or phone to present their cases to the trustees.

A motion was made by trustee Dave Edwards to approve all five requests for short term rental licenses and set a limit for the town of 3 percent of available properties for future short term rental licenses. The motion failed when it was not seconded.

Trustee Tina Perri-Mundy then made a motion to accept the applications for the three properties owned or under contract by Phillips, Schwartz and Ronquillo.

During discussion trustee Tom Moore said he did not think it was appropriateĀ  that the other two applicants were not present.

Trustee Darryl Wilson said it would not have been hardĀ  for those applicants to attend the meeting via Zoom or phone.

Trustee Adrian Quintana said residents of Colorado Springs were likely to be in Poncha Springs more often than those from out of state.

The vote was 4-3 in favor of the motion with trustees Tom Moore and JD Longwell and Mayor Ben Scanga dissenting.

In other business trustees approved a liquor license for Poncha Market, LLC, 6250 U.S. 50.

An aerial highway crossing request by Colorado Central Telecom to cross U.S. 285 between CR 120 and Poncha Town Center was denied.

A similar request by Charter Spectrum for an aerial highway crossing across U.S. 50 east of Poncha Springs Lane was also denied.

Brian Berger Poncha Springs town administrator presented preliminary items and asked for input for capital planning for the town for 2022.

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