After hearing from several speakers, and receiving several letters regarding the set-up of F St. walking mall, Salida City Council said they need to revisit the topic, but agreed that it may not impact this summer’s set up.

Several merchants who own businesses on F St. between Second and Third said they saw noticeable drop in revenue. Dick Leavitt, who owns Here’s the Scoop, said he saw a drop in business of over 50 percent. 

The merchants felt that many people would reach the barricades on F Street at Second, and turn around. They suggested moving the barricades another half block toward Third St.

City administrator Drew Nelson said they did extensive research into traffic patterns around F St., and advised council to revisit any possible changes in a future work session.

In other business, council unanimously approved first reading on Jane’s Place and set the public hearing for June 1, a planned development located at Colo. 291 and Third Street.

There are three deviations to the city’s land use code for the development, including not meeting minimum off-street parking, increase of maximum density and a variant regarding affordable housing.

The development plans for a four-building, 17-unit “community housing” with a variety of dwelling units, as well as some commercial and community space.

It will include more traditional housing, such as multi-bedroom apartments, single-bedroom and studio units, as well as transitional housing.

Becky Gray, Chaffee County director of housing, said the transitional housing could be used for families needing short term lodging, or housing during extreme weather, but not for for vacation rental. 

The Salida Planning Commission, in their review of the application, had a couple suggestions, including a pedestrian crossing of Colo. 291, possible development of off-site parking and management by Chaffee Housing Authority.

Applicant said they are concerned with the idea of a pedestrian crossing and parking, as it would increase costs. 

Council suggested applicant work with the city to see about possible grants for these items.


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