Hannah Hannah

Buena Vista – Hannah Hannah, social media manager for real estate firm R Investments, is running for the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners in the District 1 seat.

Originally from Monte Vista, Hannah’s resume of experience is eclectic. Before taking a smaller role in the real estate company headed by her brother Travis Steffens to raise her two boys in Buena Vista, Hannah was involved in the company’s security division, R’K Angels, at properties the company operated in economically underprivileged and often dangerous areas, mainly in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Before that, she lived around the world riding as a professional mountain biker for Gary Fisher.

She moved back to Buena Vista two years ago.

“I love Colorado. It always calls me back,” she said.

Hannah announced her candidacy at the Chaffee County Republicans’ Lincoln Day dinner in February. Although on the ballot she’ll appear as Republican running against a Democrat, she doesn’t see the job of county commissioner as a partisan one. Rather, she’s running on a platform of communication and listening.

“My life, with everything from growing up on a ranch, I had a professional mountain biking career where I used that to inspire people and empower people, and moving into a security company and where I’m at as a single mom, my life has always been in service to people. Everything I’ve ever done, I want to make a difference,” Hannah said.

“When I was approached to run for county commissioner, it just unleashed my inner giant of ‘this is definitely something I want to take on.’”

Hannah is still in the process of information gathering about many of the issues facing the county.

“I don’t care if you’re left or you’re right or you’re in the middle. We’ve got to start communicating and working together again and agree to disagree, agreeably, on some issues, because it’s not about who’s right, it’s about what’s right. That’s the part that I want to find before I just come out and say something,” she said.

Two issues that are important to her are affordable housing and Colorado’s Red Flag Law debate.

“I see a lot of things, I care about a lot of people in this town because they’ve watched over me, watched over my boys, and I’ve heard a lot of the concerns from people,” Hannah said.

“My brother and I walked the streets over the summer, and just listening to the bartenders and waitresses and business owners, I just keep hearing that there are issues in the town that people are concerned about, that are holding us back from growth.

“I think that we need to be cautious about heavy regulations and heavy codes that hold back the small businesses from coming in and the investors moving forward,” she said.

Hannah is in favor of Chaffee County considering itself a sanctuary county from the state’s Red Flag Law. It was the subject of a tense commissioners’ meeting last spring when they were asked if they would join a group of counties in becoming Second Amendment sanctuary cities by refusing to comply with a state law that empowered judges to seize firearms from a person suffering from mental health issues.

The commissioners chose not to vote to declare the county a sanctuary from the law.

“Whether it’s the freedom of speech or the right to bear arms, we’ve got to make sure we don’t allow the pawns to be moved slowly in order to get to our king, which is our Constitution. That’s a big deal for me,” Hannah said.

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