Bonnie Davis

Bonnie Davis

Bonnie Davis, Libertarian candidate for Chaffee County Commissioner Dist. 1, said growing up in small towns and third world countries taught her a great deal about tolerance and empathy for all people.

Davis has lived in the area for almost four years and lived in Fairplay before that. 

She is a data analysis for a large transportation company, working from home. 

Davis has also worked as a book keeper, project manager and quality expert.

When not working she loves gardening, and is a Chaffee County Master Gardener through the 4-H program. She is also a trained mushroom forager and identifier.

What do you see as positives and negatives of the comprehensive plan the county is working on?

“I think too much of it is looked at through an architectural lens and it feels like we are trying to create a recreational community,” Davis said. 

“We also need to think about some of the things being encouraged. Do we really want affordable housing in Maysville?

“I also think we should be constantly updating the comprehensive plan, not just looking at it every 10 years or so. 

“It should be considered every year, so if we need to make changes, they don’t appear so dramatic and aren’t a surprise.”

What are  your thoughts to updating the land use code after the comprehensive plan is finished?

“I’m concerned about the right to ranch,” Davis said. “Agricultural lands have been declining almost 30 percent. 

“I want to make sure we can sustain agriculture and ranching in the county. I hope they don’t build rules around the right to ranch and our rural lifestyle.

“I’m also concerned with people’s property rights. We need to consider the land use code and realize it may not be the same from person to person.”

What are some steps that can be taken to help the planning commission, with COVID-19 and the difficulty with public hearings?

“I think we need to give them the initiative, by getting the planning commission together and let them decide what they need and how they would need to make improvements and what would make the job easier,” Davis said. 

“I’d also like to know what can be done to save money, and pass the savings back to them. 

“I’m more of a supportive leader, I like collaborative work. I am not a ‘my way or the highway’ and don’t like that leadership style. I don’t think it’s very affective.”

What are some ways you think we can encourage business and tourism in the county?

“First, I think that Nestlé was a bad deal ten years ago,” Davis said. 

“There’s not a lot that can be done about that now, but I think we need a smarter deal this time around, a new environmental study. 

“I think we should look at the possibility of putting a bottling plant here in Chaffee, so they aren’t shipping down to Denver and then bringing the bottles back. I think the next contract should only be three years tops. 

“I’d also like to encourage e-commerce. We can sell Chaffee County beef on facebook, from an internet co-op, and sell all over the world. 

“I think we need to figure out how to fill the trucks that come in to deliver, find ways to for them to leave full.”

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