Catherine Rich, is a candidate for the Salida Board of Education in District 4.

She is a 1999 graduate of Salida High School and her parents are both graduates of Salida High School.

“We have a true appreciation for Salida and we all decided to come back home to raise our families,” Rich said. “I am the mother of an amazing eight-year-old who currently attends Longfellow Elementary School.”

She feels representation is needed from different groups in the community and listening and communication are her strong traits. She is willing to listen and discuss all subjects brought before the board to determine the best outcome for our children.

“I want the community and parents to know I’m open for all discussions,” she said. “I want all community members to be vocal about what we expect from the school and our children. Board members need to be trustworthy, transparent and willing to hold everyone accountable. Parents and the community should know the curriculum and what their child is learning.”

She said she wants to see music, drama, art, wood shop and auto shop stay in our schools.

“These allow our children to express some personal interests and succeed with other students with similar ideals,” she said. “Like sports, these give our children a sense of belonging, teamwork, accountability and camaraderie.”

She said she wants to keep politics out of the classrooms and be sure personal agendas are not taught.

“There are many immediate issues that need to be handled, but there is also a bigger picture,” Rich said. “I’m here for the long run and ready to make some real decisions for our children.”

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