CMC to offer screen writing for first time

Lee Ross will teach a screen writing class at Colorado Mountain College in Salida virtually this fall. It is the first time CMC has offered a screen writing class. 


For the first time in Colorado Mountain College’s history, it will be offering a screen writing class for people interested in writing a film this fall. 

Writer producer Lee Ross will be teaching the eight-week non-credit class virtually this fall, which is available to anyone in the community, not just CMC students.

In the fundamentals of screen writing class, Ross said students will learn how to create a character, the format of screen writing, how to write a short film script or even a movie. Ross will also explore the fundamentals of shooting a short with equipment students already have – their phone. 

“After eight weeks, they will walk away with the knowledge how to write a full-length movie,” Ross said. 

Ross has been to the Sundance Film Festival with his movie Downlading Nancy, which he called “very dark” and doesn’t recommend people watching it, even though it is available on Netflix and Amazon. 

He has written another movie called “Benjamin Troubles” while he’s also working on a new movie being developed called “Time Bomb.” 

Ross cut his story telling cops in NYC attending the “Fame” High School of the Performing Arts before heading off to Paris, and eventually becoming a full-time lead Clown with Cirque Du Soleil’s “Saltimbanco.”

The screenwriting class will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesdays for eight weeks beginning Sept. 1. People can register online at or in person at the CMC office located at 202 N. F Street in Salida. 

Ross, however, hopes the class will be a catalyst for bigger things. 

“I’d love to help foster a film festival in Salida and a full film-making program at CMC,” Ross said. 

For now, however, Ross will start by teaching aspireing writers how to write scripts.

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