Horizons Exploratory Academy held its first-semester “Walkabout” Thursday to demonstrate what students have learned in individual projects carried out during the semester.

Projects range from giving guitar lessons to babysitting to researching graffiti street art.

Samantha Jett, 16, took the opportunity to learn from the experience of babysitting her niece, 1-year-old Alivia Ginger.

Jett said she began caring for her niece just to help out but was amazed by what she observed watching Alivia grow and learn.

She said the experience made her think she would wait to have her own children.

“It’s a lot to handle, but it is amazing to see how the little ones learn so fast,” she said.

Freshman Felix Heeter, 14, channeled his interest in public art into a presentation about graffiti and street art, from the “godfather of graffiti art” Darryl McCray, also known as “Cornbread,” who began tagging in Philadelphia in the 1960s, kicking off the spray paint tagging of the 1970s, to more modern street artists such as the late Keith Haring in New York City and Banksy in England.

Heeter’s project included a history of graffiti street art and photographs of work he found on a recent trip to Denver.

Fabein Bentley, 17, a junior, explored his experiences working with Guidestone Colorado teaching youngsters about farming, agriculture and ranching.

Bentley worked at the Hutchinson Ranch and at different school gardens to work with children.

He said he learned a lot and had a lot of fun with the chance to have more interaction with young kids. 

He said he thinks he might want to go on to do something with education when he graduates.

HEA Principal Kristie Servis said the students had a pretty good turnout for the event.

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