Shayla Janee Hammel

Shayla Janee Hammel

One of three sets of human remains found on two Conejos County properties in November was identified as that of Shayla Janee Hammel, 34, of Saguache, a Colorado Bureau of Investigation press release stated.

Hammel, who had not been heard from by family members since late October, was reported missing Nov. 26, to Saguache County Sheriff’s office.

Three sets of human remains were discovered in November on the Conejos County properties.

A forensic odonotologist assisting task force investigators used dental examination to identify one set of remains as those of Hammel, it was reported Tuesday.

Investigators then contacted Hammel’s family to make the official notification of her death.

Earlier in the month, another set of remains from the site was identified as those of Myron Robert Martinez, 38, of Del Norte, who was reported missing Nov. 6. His family reported to law enforcement they had not seen him since late October.

The third set of remains has yet to be identified.

The task force investigating the deaths has not determined the cause and manner of death; however, investigators believe foul play was involved. 

Members of the task force are currently working to determine the circumstances surrounding Hammel’s and Martinez’s deaths. 

A suspect, Adre Baroz, 26, who is currently being held in the Alamosa County Jail on unrelated charges, has not been charged in the deaths. 

Anyone with information about Hammel, Martinez or the other unidentified human remains located in Conejos County is asked to call a designated tip line at 719-270-0210. 


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