The 11th Judicial District lessened some restrictions on court proceedings begining May 3. 

Chief Judge Patrick Murphy issued the changes based on advice from the Centers for Disease Control, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and local public health departments.

Under the new order all courts will be open normal business hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday except legal holidays.

The court prohibits anyone from entering the courthouse if they are recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and does not have verification that they are virus free; have been in direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-10 in the past 14 days; experienced fever, cough, shortness of breath, or any other respiratory symptoms or symptoms of COVID-19 that have been identified by the CDC. Instead, call the court to reschedule court dates, request to appear by phone or receive further instructions. 

Jury trials will be held in those courtrooms and counties where jurors can be assembled and trials held while still adhering to public health orders.

The number of people in a courtroom or common space will be governed by local health orders in effect at that time.

Absent a waiver or variance from the local the Public Health Department, social distancing of no less than six feet shall be maintained with respect to all in-person activities within the courthouses and will be enforced by court staff, security and judicial officers.

All persons entering a courthouse or portion of a county building utilized by the court, must wear a protective mask that covers their mouth and nose but not their eyes. The court encourages participants to bring their own mask if possible. The court will endeavor to supply masks if possible.

The presiding judge may allow masks to be removed on a case by case basis and for good cause as long as all other safety measures are maintained and the removal does not countermand other public health orders.

Each judicial officer will determine the type of hearings that are to be held in person. Those hearings that are not in person will be conducted via WebEx.

Unless a hearing is closed the public and press have the right to attend all hearings. Remote observation will be utilized to the greatest extent possible. The phone number and/or hearing code will be provided to the public upon request.

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